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Resident Teaching 30.06.16

This weeks topic: Toxicology Thursday Program: 14.00-14.45: Simulation (either in resus or level 5 SIM room)  (Barbie Payne & Claire Allerton) 14.45 – 15.00: SIM debrief and ECG interpretation 15.00-16.00: Rapid sequence intubation including practical session (Dr Claire Allerton) Pre-reading:

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Resident teaching 23-06-16

Topic; Neurosurgical Spinal 14.00-15.00 Spinal trauma (Dr.Jerry Lin, Orthopaedic Registrar) 15.00-16.00 Lumbar punctures practical session (Jane Senior) Further information on Lumbar Punctures in the ED Lumbar puncture ECI Paediatric LP

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Resident Teaching 16.06.16

This week’s topic: Respiratory Thursday’s Program: 14.00-14.50: Non-Invasive Ventilation (Barbie Payne & Claire Allerton) 15.00-15.30: TBC (Dr Kate Faithorn) 15.30-16.00: ABG Interpretation (Dr Claire Allerton) Pre-reading: Great podcast by Dr Scott Weingart about NIV. Emcrit NIV Podcast  

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Resident teaching 09-06-16

Topic ; Psychiatry/ Toxicology 14.00-14.30 Recreational Drug Use presentation to ED    (Sher Yeak) 14.30-14.50 Medical clearance of a patient  (Jane Senior) 15.00-16.00 Management of the Agitated patient, Simulation (Jane Senior) Emergency Management of the High Risk Mental Health Patient, ECI DORMstudy

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