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Resident Education 28.07.16

Topic: Neonatal Resuscitation Thursday’s Program: 14.00 – 14.50: Neonatal Resus SIM  15.00 – 15.30: Case presentation (Dr Claire Allerton) 15.30 – 16.00: Umbilical Vein Catheterisation (Practical) Pre-reading: neonate ARC flowchart neonatal assessment neonatal airway

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Resident teaching 21-07-16

Topic of the week; Trauma 14.00-14.30 Cervical spine injuries (Jane Senior) 14.30-15.00 Blunt abdominal trauma (Jane Senior) 15.00-16.00 Paediatric Orthopaedic Injuries (Jerry Lin- Orthopaedic Reg)

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Resident teaching 14.07.16

Topic; Paediatrics 14.00-14.30 Paediatric Respiratory presentations (Simon Cassidy) 14.30-14.50  Acute Asthma Management (Jane Senior) 15.00-16.00  Paediatric SIM  (Jane Senior) Assessment of Asthmatic 0-5yrs and  >6yrs Acute Asthma Guidelines If you get the chance a great summary on the Medical Management from the “Don’t forget the

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