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Resident Teaching 10/03/2016

Topic of the week: Orthopaedics Thursday’s Program: 1400-1420: Dynacast¬†(Belinda Dawson) 1420-1450: Paediatric Orthopaedics (Rachel Beer) 1500-1600: Plaster Cast Application Techniques – practical (Dr Castle & Dr Jerry Lin) Pre-reading & references:     Practical Guide to Backslab application

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Resident Education 18-02-2016

Topic this week: Paediatrics Pre-reading & references: Intro to Neonatal Resus Neonatal Resus ARC flowchart Neonatal ALS Assessment Neonatal ALS Airway Neonate ALS Circulation Neonatal ALS Meds & fluids Intro to Paeds ALS Paeds ALS ARC Flowchart Paeds ALS Assessment

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