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In-Situ Sim: 19th May 2020

“A 24 year old Man was brought into ED by ambulance after being found unresponsive at home by his Girlfriend. He had been out with mates the night before and returned in the early morning intoxicated with alcohol and cocaine.

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Status Epilepticus Sim 2016-05-26

This hypothetical case was simulated today with resident medical staff and nursing staff. The Case An obese 40 year male with type 2 diabetes mellitus presented in status epilepticus. He had taken an oral hypoglycaemic agent but rather than have

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Cardiac Arrest Sim 2016-04-06

A case of hyperkalaemia resulting in ventricular fibrillation followed by symptomatic bradycardia was simulated. The simulation highlighted some great learning points worth sharing: In cardiac arrest, it is worth having both medical and nursing team leaders, with physicians focusing on diagnosis

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Cardiac Arrest Sim 2016-03-11

A case of refractory ventricular fibrillation was simulated, outlining the challenges faced in a non-cardiac centre in a patient for whom standard Advanced Cardiac Life Support measures fail to achieve return of spontaneous circulation. The simulation highlighted some excellent approaches

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