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Paediatric Cardiology in the ED

Here are some resources to gain further knowledge in this area Reading a paediatric ECG Starship LITFL McMaster University MacPeds Survival Guide Perth Children’s Hospital Syncope When reading the ECG consider conduction disturbance (predisposing to complete heart block), acquired and

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Why cricoid pressure doesn’t work (probably)

by Josh Holden FACEM CCPU Ever wondered why we don’t use cricoid pressure in ED? After all, compressing the oesophagus between the larynx and C5 vertebral body should stop any breakfast from coming up the wrong way quite nicely? Check

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Ultrasound Case 2

Click here for US Case 2

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Ultrasound Case 1

Click here for US Case 1

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Education Session: Shock

Knowledge Review Quiz here Cases we discussed are here Causes of elevated LACTATES Venue Ultrasound : Auto VTI Demo Femoral vs radial arterial lines, and non-invasive vs invasive BP measurement (PulmCrit): Other references: 1. Perner A, Cecconi M, Cronhjort

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Education Session: Ambu aScope

Here is the pre-reading for the Education Session on the Ambu aScope. Objectives for the session: 1. Indications for endoscopic airway instrumentation (1) looking at airways (eg. burns, FBs, stridor) (2) awake fibreoptic intubation (3) intubation through a supraglottic device

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Resus Topic: Vascular Access

Our first resus topic of the month is Vascular Access. Here are the questions, which you can download as a PDF here Resus Topic of the Week: Vascular Access 1. Where are central venous catheters (CVCs) kept? 2. What are

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