Team Airway Currency Training

The idea is that anyone intubating in NBH ED should have ‘recency’ or ‘currency’, ie. should have done the currency training within the previous six months. Since airway management is a team sport, it is for both resus nurses and resus doctors.

Currency training is NOT:

  • A test or exam
  • Something you can fail
  • A substitute for sim training, theatre experience, cadaver work, or study
  • A licence to intubate unsupervised
  • Transferable to other organisations or departments
  • Regularly timetabled

Currency training IS:

  • Orientation to our airway systems
  • A way of sharing a team mental model
  • An opportunity to ask question, discuss approaches, share experience
  • A tried and tested system from other professional domains
  • CPD
  • Something we can modify as we go along if you can think of improvements

How it works:

  1. Identify a relatively quiet period
  2. Choose a facilitator (a staffie or nurse educator who has done the currency)
  3. Gather those who need the training (prioritise registrars who are in charge at night and staffies)
  4. Run it in resus so the resus nurses can participate
  5. Grab the TACT trolley from the store room
  6. Use the currency document as a guide
  7. At the end of the session get all participants scan the QR code on the currency document. They log their session and receive an attendance certificate by email for their CPD records

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