Resident Teaching 17-03-16

Topic of the week; Trauma

14.00-15.00 Hand injuries by Dr. Johnny Kwei (Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon)

15.00-16.00 EFAST practical session Cliff Reid and Jane Senior

EFAST talk by our very own Cliff Reid

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One comment on “Resident Teaching 17-03-16
  1. Esther Ssebbowa says:

    Great U/sound teaching session – thank you – I noticed there are no pointers to parts of the anatomy Cliff is describing for
    clarity – but I reckon this is probably his witty way of getting viewers to recycle the session ! and it worked
    for with repeated exposures it comes together neatly .

    His sense of humour is great – and the lengths to which he goes to – to ensure the message homes sets the bar high ( the boxing , the bats , eating ones heart …)

    I found myself viewing Cliff `s “when to stop resuscitation ” which I would encourage all to eye ball – here you
    appreciate his passion and it gets you thinking laterally. It really is personal and I think when the drive to perform
    is that close to the heart – even the sky is not the limit.

    Thank you Jane for organising this session including hands on .

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