Resus Topic: Vascular Access

Our first resus topic of the month is Vascular Access. Here are the questions, which you can download as a PDF here

Resus Topic of the Week: Vascular Access

1. Where are central venous catheters (CVCs) kept?
2. What are indications for CVCs in ED?
3. Which veins do we put CVCs in?
4. What are the pros and cons of these sites?
5. How do we reduce the risk of catheter-related blood stream infection when inserting CVCs in the ED?
6. What lines other than the multi-lumen CVCs are available for resuscitation through a central vein?
7. Where are these kept?
8. Where is the EZ-IO kept?
9. Which two main sites can be cannulated intraosseously with this device?
10. Which site allows more rapid infusion?
11. When would you use a pink, blue, or yellow IO needle?
12. Describe the landmarks for proximal humeral insertion
13. Describe the landmarks for proximal tibial insertion
14. What lab tests can be done on an intraosseous specimen?

Try to answer them all before clicking here for the answers!

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